We are looking for people with discernment, common sense and above all... attitude... to help us populate our new BRINKguide by becoming BRINKguide Editors

Step One: Subscribe to the daily or weekly dose. We want our Editors to be familiar with our product. The Daily Dose is the best way to see the BRINKguide editorial stance first hand. Our Editors are smart, nimble, quick thinking, witty, and above all, they are travelers. They have an innate understanding of what makes a city unique and they understand our interest in small businesses on the BRINK. We celebrate the neighborhood business and we eschew large chains and corporate monolith hotel and food franchises. We love to find the unexpected.

Step Two: Use the BRINKguide Editor Application to submit your first 5 reviews. To get to the BRINKguide editor panel, you simply click the link that comes to you once you sign up with the form on the right.

The job is not complex...we give you a URL where you log-in to upload short reviews of venues or activities with a pic in a user-friendly web form. We pay around $5 per item uploaded. Some of our freelancers report being able to upload more than 20 entries a day.

We need original photos and a few original words (but not many - the reviews can be very simple - certainly not more than 75 words at the very most. "Best curry on the South side of the city." would be a perfectly fine entry. - As long as it really is the best curry from that area. Equally good would be, "Howie tells us his burger is the best 1/3 pounder in town. We concur. Try the salty relish."

We do want special attention to the small shops clinging for life - like the barber shop that's been there 78 years, or the thrift shop or tattoo shop that is somehow less commercial than the rest. We are also interested in the best clubs, restaurants, mechanics, biking routes. We want to be a resource for anyone new to town.

What we don't need to be is exhaustive and complete. We want to feature the 30 best bars, the 15 best hotels, not every bar and every hotel. We'll let Frommer's stake out that territory.

Above all we want the Brink Guide to celebrate the margin, to reveal venues and activities that exist just under the surface of things. We want the local perspective of experienced space and time travelers...the judgment of gifted amateurs, rather than the jaded opinions of seasoned professionals. We are not at all interested in the starbuckization of cities, rather we want to see the small, unique businesses and the commerce they produce.

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